Outfit of the day!

It is September 18th and the heat looks like it isn’t going anywhere for awhile. I long for the temperature to be in the 60s, 70s, or 80s. I live in deep South Texas, so to me that is as cold as it gets.

Since I am stuck in this heat, I have been wearing plain tees for most of my days. In this heat I suggest wearing a nice semi-fitted crew neck or V-neck and let your pants and shoes do all the “wowing.”

photo (1)(photo by me)

This is an outfit that I wore recently. It was simple so I wore a shoe that would make my look stand out. A simple tee, jeans, and some kicks are a staple for summer, but be wise when picking the combination.

My crew neck tee is from Gap, I recommend going to them for T-shirts. They have some of the most breathable shirts I’ve come across and they retail at $16.95. If you check online or visit the stores on a good day, they sometimes have them on promotion for $10 or take 2 for $12. Trust me when I say it’s a good investment cause they come in several different colors and go with anything.

My jeans are from DKNY, I typically go for skinny jeans, but these are a slouchy tapered fit. I fell in love with them once I tried them on. they are the best of both worlds, because they are tapered below the knee, but give you room on the top. The jeans are a little distressed, which I think are good for summer. I suggest buying distressed skinny or straight jeans, because they will give your plain tee some edge to it. I got my jeans on sale for $24.99, If you go to a DKNY Company Store you will find their jeans at a good price.

Now for the shoe! I want you to challenge yourself and stand out from the crowd of boat shoes. I do think a boat shoe is good every once in awhile, but come on it’s gross wearing the same shoe over and over. For the plain tee and distressed jean look you need a good sneaker to stand out. The shoes in my pictures are from Steve Madden, I got them for around $130. You don’t need to spend that much on sneakers, they have a variety of shoes. This look can even work with a nice pair of Nike Roshes, which come out to around $75.

Remember the plain tee is perfect fit for the summer, just let you jeans and shoes do all the “wowing.”


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