Sweater Weather… Don’t Forget The Boots!

Last night I felt something amazing… A COOL BREEZE! I can’t wait for the sweater weather to officially start. So before the sweater weather hits us, I’m going to give you gentlemen some advice on what to wear.



(photo by me)

Starting off with the sweater, gone are the days of wearing solid color Vneck or crew neck sweaters. My biggest advice would be adding some print to your sweater this fall/winter. This is coming from a guy who use to stray away from print, until I tried on a floral print sweater, and I realized that it didn’t look bad.

On a cool day you can rock the printed sweater alone, and on those colder nights put it over a long sleeve button up. It does everything a solid sweater can do, but it adds a cool factor. My favorite go to place for printed sweaters is Forever 21, check them out!

Now I’m sure that this summer you’ve been rocking the boat shoes, toms, or any type of Nike shoe. I will admit to the latter, but once the cold weather comes I suggest you step up your shoe game. Look no further than the combat boot, they seriously give you some edge and you can pair them with jeans or chinos.

If you’ve never worn combat boots, purchase them in black or brown, that way you have a variety of outfits to pair them with. Now if you love them, which I’m sure you will, they come in all sorts of colors (tan, red, green, etc.). Look up Steve Madden, Aldo, or Asos, I know you will find a pair that fits you.

Take a fashion risk, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Floral sweater- Forever21, $24.80

Jeans- H&M, $19.99

Leather combat boots- Steve Madden, $189.95


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