The Chelsea Boot

I discovered the Chelsea boot this past March. I’ll admit that the only reason I stumbled upon them, was cause of One Direction’s Harry Styles. He wears Saint Laurent signature Chelsea boots which retail at $975, now if you’re like me, that price is far from reasonable.

I would love to rock me some Saint Laurent boots, but at the moment I can’t afford them. However, there are different brands that offer more affordable Chelsea boots.


Roan Jay Chelsea Boots- $79

(photo by me)

These Chelsea boots are the first pair that I bought back in March, I was able to get these for a reasonable price. Stores like Urban Outfitters and ASOS offer a variety of Chelsea boots in suede and leather, and come in brown, black, tan, olive, and many other colors.

There can be no wrong done with wearing a Chelsea boot, you can wear them with some nice slim slacks or with a pair of denim. Another great thing is that with the vulcanized rubber on the sides, it’s easy for you to slip them on and off.

I recommend that every guy gets at least one good pair of Chelsea boots. They will maximize your shoe game and give your look some edge. If you’re a girl reading my blog, take my recommendation and buy you man a pair ASAP!

Check out Urban Outfitters and ASOS by clicking on the links provided, they have all the Chelsea boots you need.

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