The Derby Shoe!

TGIF! Friday is finally here, it’s time to have some fun. Whether you have a hot date or plan on heading out to a club with friend you always want to look your best. Now you might notice as I continue blogging that shoes are my biggest obsession. I believe that if you have that right shoe, everything else falls into place.

Seeing as it’s the weekend, you might want to lose the sneakers for a polished look. Well gentlemen, look no further than the derby shoe!

photo-2 copy


(photo by me)

Black Derby Shoes- H&M, $29.95

Brown Derby Shoes- Salvatore Ferragamo

If you want to invest in a great shoe, but don’t want anything too loud or decorated, this shoe is for you. The derby shoe is simple but classy, they look good paired with some skinny jeans or rolled up pair of chinos.

One rule I suggest when pairing this shoe with an outfit, always let the shoe standout. If you plan on wearing a grey button up and navy chinos, go with the brown derby shoes. This will let them pop and direct all eyes to your shoes. Trust me when I say you’ll be getting compliments!

The same rule goes with the black derby shoes, if you want them to stand out, pair them up with a nice pair of grey slacks or chinos.

Now derby shoes can be found almost everywhere. H&M has them starting at $29.95, that’s where I got my black pair. If you want to pay more for a good pair that will last you longer, take a look at Cole Haan.

Enjoy your weekend my readers! Stay classy!

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