Casual Friday

IMG_6931 (1)

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to look nice. Casual can always look good, it’s all about putting the right pieces together.

A graphic tee never goes out of style, and recently when I look for graphics I try to purchase them from smaller merchants. The reason being is that more than likely I won’t bump into someone with the same shirt. The “Twiggy Smalls” (a combination of supermodel Twiggy and Biggie Smalls) shirt I’m wearing is from Clone NYC, an online retailer based out of New York City.

I paired it with my current favorite denim from H&M. Since high school I’ve loved ripped jeans. I think a couple of times I got in trouble for my jeans being torn from behind. What I like about this pair of jeans is that they bring torn and skinny together. They don’t feel tight and they have stretch to them.

After that I put on my favorite pair of converse, which have been an important part of my wardrobe since middle school. What I love about converse is that they can be torn or dirty, but they still look good.

To top off my casual look I added an American Eagle denim jacket and a necklace from Aldo. Accessories and outerwear will always take your casual look to the next level.

Hopefully my tips and look help you put together something similar. Be sure to check out the links I provided! Be sure to leave a comment below, and tell me what you think about my look.

Stay classy, mi amigo!

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