New York Fashion Week: Men’s

David Hart presentation during Men's Fashion Week, in New York, July 13, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

David Hart presentation during Men’s Fashion Week, in New York, July 13, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

I’m alive! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I know have been missing in action and I apologize for that. I’ll be getting back on a routine of doing what I love, blogging.

Now let’s get to the topic of conversation, New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Now I won’t be giving you exclusives or behind the scenes scoops, because I’m still a communications intern trying to make it into the world of public relations. I’m going to give you some background information on how it came to be.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the inaugural year for NYFWM. The showcase which launched yesterday, July 13th will run until July 16th. American menswear brands such as Calvin Klein Collection (which previously debuted it’s collection in Milan), Public School, Rag & Bones, and Polo Ralph Lauren will be presenting their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. New York Fashion Week Live has the entire schedule with day and time your favorite brand will premiere it’s collection.

So many of you might be wondering, why did it take so long for men to have their own fashion week? According to Jennie Matthew from Business Insider, “Menswear has seen phenomenal growth in the last six years. Sartorial tastes are more developed than a generation ago.”

In the U.S. alone, online men’s clothing sales have made $9.6 billion. With this growth in sales, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), saw the potential in launching NYFWM. The showcase will follow the format of NYFW and the men’s fashion weeks of Milan, London, and Paris by taking place twice a year.

It’s great that American menswear is finally getting the platform it deserves. I’ll be looking at the collections as they are premiere and share my favorites with you.

Thank you to my readers for checking up on my blog. Thanks to analytics I know you care. I’ll be back to posting regularly.

Stay classy, mi amigos!


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