Ready for Spring Fashion

Zara jacket

These last few months have been pretty busy, and I’m thankful for every minute! I always have to stop and realize that I’m one of lucky ones, because I’m getting the opportunity to work in public relations and social media. Now I’m challenging myself to get back into keeping up with Guy Loves Fashion and my social media channels.

I’ve been so busy that I didn’t realize how fast the seasons were changing. Winter is nearing its end, and spring is just a few weeks away. And I’ve already made a jumpstart with my fashion. A few weeks, I got to wear this spring ready look on a nice day out in the park in San Antonio.

Zara torn jacket

The piece that really made my look was my torned jean jacket from Zara. This jacket is what I like to call an investment piece, meaning that it cost a pretty penny (Aka $90). Investment pieces are items that will make an outfit pop and can be used for several looks. This is true of my jean jacket, I’ve been able to wear it with some many outfits and I’m still in love!

Skinny jeans from H&M and Converse


I paired my jacket with my signature skinny jeans from H&M and my Converse. As long as I’m young, you’re gonna see me rocking these items. Another item that has quickly become a fave of mine are caps. They really come in handy when you need an accessory to take your look to next level, or dealing with a bad hair day. You find wide variety of caps at H&M under $6!

Spring fashion

If you’re looking for items to wear for the spring time, try investing in a nice jacket or accessories.

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