Fashion on a Gloomy Day

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

Another weekend has come and so has the rain. It seems like the days I want to enjoy keep getting thwarted by gloomy weather. Oh well, I still managed to find time to head out and get the best out of my Saturday. I figured my outfit should fit the emo vibes I was getting from the weather.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

After hitting up the local flea market with the love of my life, we headed to one of my favorite parks for some shots before the rain made its returned. To match the gloomy vibes, I decided to stick to darker colors. I kind of looked at the weather as a blessing, cause once spring actually gets here, I will probably sweat buckets when wearing anything dark.

I’ve been obsessed with my distressed olive sweater from Forever 21, I refer to as my “Kanye” sweater. I haven’t been able to wear it much, so I’m glad I got a couple of photos wearing it. If you’re looking for that Yeezy-esque look, I suggest purchasing this sweater or something similar from Forever 21.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

I paired my olive sweater with my favorite pair of biker skinny jeans from Zara. As a big fan of Zara, I recommend purchasing a couple of jeans here and there from them. Trust me when I say you’ll be grateful. They may a little pricey ($80ish), but they’ll last and aren’t as expensive when comparing them to designer jeans.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

To top of my look, I wore my black cap and signature white leather Converse. I figured the white shoes would help balance the darker tones. Also, I think they photographed better than if I had worn a darker shoe.

Next time you’re wondering what to wear on a gloomy day, just go with the vibe!



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