Black and Camp Shirts

Black PacSun Camp Shirt

Black has been my go-to color of choice for the last few years when it comes to clothing. You’ve probably heard it before but I’l say it again, you can never go wrong with black. It’s perfect for any occasion. If you don’t know whether your going to a dressy or casual get together, wearing something black is a safe bet.

Black PacSun Camp Shirt

This past weekend, I decided to get just a little experimental with my color of choice. I usually stick to black basic tees, logo tees or button ups, but I stopped by PacSun and fell in love with this cool muertos printed relaxed short sleeve button up camp shirt.

I had tried the camp shirt look before, but I just never cared for the fit. After buying this baby, I realized that the pattern and color makes a huge difference. This camp shirt looked so much better than a white one I had tried on. Now I’ve made a reminder to myself, always try something on several times and in several colors before denying it. I mean the graphic on this camp shirt was just too cool to pass up, and the black was so much more flattering.

Black PacSun Camp Shirt

I ended up pairing my new shirt with my favorite torn skinny jeans from Zara. I might look back someday and laugh at the fact that my jeans showed off my bare knees, but at the moment they are so streetwear chic!

New Balance Shoes

I finished the look off with my tan New Balance shoes from Urban Outfitters. They are as comfortable as can be and just scream “spring!” I figured they would help balance the prince of darkness look I had going on.

Black PacSun Camp Shirt

I have a feeling that I’ll be purchasing more camp shirts for spring. Get ready for the new staple in my wardrobe! If you’ve been on the fence with camp shirts like me, try on a couple of different patterns and colors and you might find one that sticks!


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