A day at the San Antonio Botanical Garden


I’ve lived in the city of San Antonio for over 4 years, and it still amazes me how there is so much I’ve yet to see. Enter the San Antonio Botanical Garden. I’ve been to the grounds two years in a row for an annual Alfred Hitchcock movie screening, but this past Sunday was my first time exploring the garden. It was such a great experience! I was in awe and confused why I hadn’t visited sooner.

My boyfriend and I headed down the San Antonio Botanical Garden walking trail, stopping by and seeing the different trees and plants on the way and first found ourselves at small cottages. Each cottage had a different type of front yards. My favorite was the pink cottage with the Spanish themed garden.


We continued on the trail and found ourselves at the Lucille Halsell Conservatory, which consisted of five glass dome type structures. Each structure had different types of plants from the deserts, tropical areas and more. The area also had some eye catching, geometric sculptures sprinkled around a small pond.


As we continued along the trail, we almost made the mistake of thinking we saw it all. We then came across an area that was cultivated to look like the East Texas Pineywoods. The area was like heaven! Pineywood trees surrounded a lake and it felt like you were transported to beautiful East Texas. It was probably the area we stayed the longest at, because it was so peaceful. I definitely recommend visiting it. It honestly won me over. I would visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden over and over just for the East Texas area.

If you haven’t been to the San Antonio Botanical Garden, I suggest you make a trip soon. It’s perfect for a fall visit!

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