An evening at the Austin Trail of Lights


I needed a mental health weekend to clear my mind, so this past weekend included a small getaway to Austin with my boyfriend. This trip to Austin was on my list of things to do before Christmas, because of the annual Austin Trail of Lights at Zilker Metropolitan Park. I’m the first to say I’m not big on holidays but something about Christmas lights brings me solace and happiness.

Each display at the Austin Trail of Lights are by different Austin based companies and are made up of a variety of characters from book characters to pop culture characters. Two of my favorite displays were the Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid. Winnie the Pooh has a special place in my heart, because I grew up watching The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. And The Little Mermaid reminds me of my red headed niece. Another display that caught my eye, was the upside down Christmas trees. It definitely touched on the Keep Austin Weird mantra.

As you walk through the trail, you’ll find three different covered walkways that are perfect for group photos or a selfie, like the one I took. The covered walkways are just a small portion of the 2 million lights that light up the trail. One of the biggest things lighting up the trail is the ferris wheel, which is beautiful, but the long line deterred me from wanting to get on. My boyfriend and I headed straight to the food vendors to grab a delicious funnel cake (not pictured).

After completing the trail, I had to take a picture of it against the Austin skyline. The view was beautiful and it brought me some peace. Basically, my mental health weekend was accomplished! If you need some time to escape and clear you mind, I highly recommend a visit to the Austin Trail of Lights.


A day at the San Antonio Botanical Garden


I’ve lived in the city of San Antonio for over 4 years, and it still amazes me how there is so much I’ve yet to see. Enter the San Antonio Botanical Garden. I’ve been to the grounds two years in a row for an annual Alfred Hitchcock movie screening, but this past Sunday was my first time exploring the garden. It was such a great experience! I was in awe and confused why I hadn’t visited sooner.

My boyfriend and I headed down the San Antonio Botanical Garden walking trail, stopping by and seeing the different trees and plants on the way and first found ourselves at small cottages. Each cottage had a different type of front yards. My favorite was the pink cottage with the Spanish themed garden.


We continued on the trail and found ourselves at the Lucille Halsell Conservatory, which consisted of five glass dome type structures. Each structure had different types of plants from the deserts, tropical areas and more. The area also had some eye catching, geometric sculptures sprinkled around a small pond.


As we continued along the trail, we almost made the mistake of thinking we saw it all. We then came across an area that was cultivated to look like the East Texas Pineywoods. The area was like heaven! Pineywood trees surrounded a lake and it felt like you were transported to beautiful East Texas. It was probably the area we stayed the longest at, because it was so peaceful. I definitely recommend visiting it. It honestly won me over. I would visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden over and over just for the East Texas area.

If you haven’t been to the San Antonio Botanical Garden, I suggest you make a trip soon. It’s perfect for a fall visit!

Food, walks and outfit




I’ve been going through a tough time lately and the negativity got the best of me a day ago. I’m looking at what has happened and trying to grow and move on. To help me try to take my mind of things, I took went for a late lunch with my mom at a restaurant called Josephine St. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of my meal, but know that the pollo verde plate is pretty good. It is a must!

After lunch we took a stroll around the Pearl and the riverwalk to walk off the food. We ended up sitting down in the shade, so we could enjoy the breeze and scenery. I taught my mom how to use my camera, so the photos of me are credited to her.

The weather has been pretty hot, so I’ve stayed away from button ups, but I made an exception with this shirt cause it had holes. I paired my distressed Forever 21 shirt with some black distressed Zara jeans, Vans and a cap. It’s not the most creative outfit, but it went together well. Sometimes simple is better.

I’m going to continue trying to enjoy the little things in life, like food, walks and blogging about outfits.

Enjoying the little things





Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of bummed out. Part of it is me stressing over situations I make up in my head, and the other part is real things going on in my life. Yes, I know what a downer way to start a post. I swear this isn’t a depressing blog posts.

We all go through tough times. It’s really just a part of life, and we all have ways of coping. My way is getting out of my apartment and trying to enjoy the surroundings that San Antonio has to offer.

Now that I’ve armed myself with my new Canon EOS Rebel T7i, I’ve been using it on my outings around town. It’s become very therapeutic. Above our pictures from my visit last night to the Pearl, a brewery turned retail/restaurants/residents/office space hub nearby.

It’s a sweet spot to hangout with family and friends. And is a hot spot for having photo shoots. Planning on doing one their soon!

Anyways, what ways do you clear your mind?

Guy Loves Life: Panic! At The Disco Tour


I love fashion. I also love living life. That’s why I am going to start sharing some highlights from my everyday life on my blog. This post is the first of many to come where I will vlog instead of blog. In this video, my lovely boyfriend Tony (@tonywonderful_ on Twitter) and I talk about our experience at the Panic! At the Disco Pray for the Wicked concert at the Toyota Center in Houston. Check it out!

Fun and Fashion on a Sunday


This past weekend was much needed. After a long work week, I needed some fun in the sun! While the weather didn’t corporate on Saturday, Sunday was amazing. My mom came into San Antonio for a visit, and we spent the time out and about!


We started our Sunday with brunch at a place, I’d been to for lunch, but had never tried for brunch. The place is Candlelight Coffeehouse. The San Antonio staple did not disappoint for brunch. I got their Candlelight breakfast with a mimosa. Everything on my plate was cooked perfectly, and their prices for brunch were so reasonable. I really recommend it, if you haven’t tried it.


After a fantastic brunch, I had to make my way to Bird Bakery. Owned by Tv Personality and Entrepreneur Elizabeth Chambers, Bird Bakery is amazing and what made it a priority on Sunday was my last chance to get their Call Me By Your Name sugar cookies. The cookies were created specifically for the movie that stars Armie Hammer, husband of Elizabeth. I bought three cookies, which were delicious and so Instagram worthy!

Later that day, I took my mom for a stroll at Japanese Tea Garden. It was pretty packed, but I couldn’t really blame people. It was the first semi sunny day in over a week. The warmer weather finally allowed me to the opportunity to dress casual without a jacket.


My streetwear outfit for Sunday consisted of my staple tee and torn jeans.

I wore a black and white striped tee I purchased at Forever 21. While I’m not a fan of horizontal stripes, the shirt’s cute rose logo on the left of the chest really got me!


I paired my new shirt with some dark blue Zara torn jeans and Vans. I topped off the look with my usual suede snapback.

It was a great ending to my weekend. I got to spend time with my mom and enjoyed exploring my city in great weather. Also, I think my streetwear look was pretty good, simple but good!

A Weekend in Austin

I’ve been dying for a weekend away from San Antonio and this past weekend I finally did. My boyfriend and I headed to Austin for a one day vacay that consisted of food, drinks, dancing and enjoying everything else Austin has to offer. That included a trip to Hope Outdoor Gallery also known as Graffiti Park, which I was happy about being that they will be demolishing it soon.

We went just a little overboard with the food that weekend. We stopped at our favorite wing spot, Pluckers on Saturday. Boneless wings and fried pickles were on the table for dinner. It was much needed after a week of watching calories and stressing from work. Later that night we enjoyed a night of dancing and drinks at Barbarella.

The following we woke up for breakfast at Austin Diner and ended our Sunday walking down South Congress, which also involved a stop at El Tacorrido for El Equinox, an horchata with a shot of espresso.

Even though it was an overnight trip. It was much needed, and I had a great time!

(All photos were shot vertically for Snapchat.)

Holiday in Houston

Houston_Fashion_3The holidays are done, and a new year is almost upon us! I hope everyone had a great time with the ones you love. If you’re still on break, lucky you! For my holiday break, I headed to Houston to spend time with my mom and her boyfriend. Over the last year I’ve had more trips to Houston than I ever have, and I’m really falling in love with the city. It’s huge, ethnically diverse and there always seems to be something going on. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the home of The Galleria!

Houston_FashionHouston_skyscrapersOn the day before Christmas, we headed out on the town, so I could see some sites on my short trip. We made a stop downtown at a park in front of city hall. The park was perfectly situated between city hall and a few skyscrapers. I find the Houston skyline to breathtaking, so I took a couple of photos.

Houston_Fashion_2On my outing at the park, I took some photos in front of the Reliant Energy Christmas tree and the water fountain in front of city hall. Since, it wasn’t super cold during the day, I stuck to wearing my new distressed black jean jacket from Forever 21. My denim jacket paired along with my yellow plaid shirt also from Forever 21 kept me warm enough throughout my day. I kept with the black denim for my jeans and topped off my look with some luxury á la Saint Laurent boots. I enjoyed my Houston outing with style!

Houston_Fashion_5Overall, I really enjoyed my holidays. I got to see my lovely mom, and I got spend time in a city I hope to live in soon. Until the new year!

A Night at the Museum


This has been a month of changes. As I begin to learn and grow as an adult in my personal and professional life, I’ve realized that my happiness is important. This blog is one of the many things that make me happy. My love for fashion is the reason I created Guy Love Fashion. Thank you to everyone who take the time to read my blog.

To help get me out of my rut, my boyfriend and I took a trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art on Tuesday for their free admission night. The museum is one of my favorite places to go, because it allows me an opportunity to escape reality for a while, and get lost in the art that is displayed.


A casual, relaxing night at the museum called for a casual, relaxing outfit. I wore a scallop short-sleeve tee from PacSun perfect for the summer heat and layered it with my favorite Urban Outfitters plaid shirt. Yes, I know this plaid shirt was featured in my throwback post from two weeks ago, but it truly is a staple in my wardrobe. The light shades are perfect for summer!


I paired the light shades with my favorite dark torn jeans from Zara and my New Balance shoes to match my shirts. My torn jeans gave my legs the opportunity to breathe in the humid evenings, while my shoes allowed me comfort for walking in the museum and outside in the courtyard.


I enjoyed my time at the museum. It allowed me to unwind and ease my mind from some of the things on my mind. If you live in San Antonio and haven’t visited SAMA, I suggest you make a visit.