Earthy Colors


Last weekend was full of adventure, with a trip with friends to Austin for the Trail of Lights and a night out on Sixth Street that almost led to being kicked out of a bar (bartender’s fault) there wasn’t a dull moment. While the short trip to and from Austin was great, a stroll in the park enjoying a cold, sunny Saturday was a needed highlight.


Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I do my best to enjoy it. Especially, since I live in south Texas where it’s hot 85 percent of the year. While I tend to stay with darker shades, the sunny day on Saturday called for earthy colors in my wardrobe.

When putting my outfit together, I knew that layers was the way to go. I started with a denim button up and added my mustard colored wool sweater over it, both from DKNY. Since my button up was a lighter denim, I went with a darker denim for my pants.


For footwear, I decided to wear my dark brown Urban Outfitters Chelsea boots, because nothing screams cold weather like a nice pair of boots. To help top off my look, I layered my dark green bomber jacket from Tarjay (Target) to help keep me warm. And keep me warm, the jacket did!

With winter only a few days away, will you still be rocking earthy tones or darker tones?


Rethink Essentials!

Today, I bring you a look from this past Saturday. My weekend consisted of two trips to San Antonio, one to see Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, and Michelle Visage in The Rocky Horror Show and another to enjoy the River Walk and shop. Now enough of my weekend, let’s get to Saturday’s look!


Polo-Forever 21

Black Denim-Forever 21

Chelsea Boots-Hawkings McGill from Urban Outfitters



This is an easy look to sport,I know majority of guys look at a t-shirt and sneakers as casual. However, a polo can be an essential as well, my suggestion is to go for a fashion polo and not your typical logo polo. Wearing one of those will get you lost in a sea of preppy boys. No hate to the preppy look, but it has been beaten to a pulp this summer.

I paired my polo with some black denim. Black denim will do what the typical blue denim can’t, it makes your casual look better! If you don’t like wearing chinos, then black denim is perfect, you don’t have to relinquish your love for denim, just change up the color.

Finally my boots! I have posted about Chelsea boots before and have shown outfits to wear them with. This post shows you exactly how they look on a person. If just looking at how they look paired with my outfit doesn’t convince you to buy a pair, I’ll give you a few reasons:

  • Winter is coming and a pair of boots will keep your feet warm.
  • You will get compliments from everyone.
  • That guy or girl you like will probably notice you.
  • They are awesome!
  • They will make you look even hotter!

I know some of those reasons are laughable, but I’m serious when I say that they are just the perfect boot for any occasion. Dress them up or down, you will never know when to take them off and that is a good thing! Rethink essentials and add a fashion polo and some black or even grey denim to your casual look.

Hope my outfit inspires you to try a similar look, stay classy my friends!



#OOTD-October 15th

Today was a wonderful day! I woke up to some low temperatures and figured I’d put on a sweater. Here’s a look at my outfit of the day!



Sweater- Forever 21

Black Jeans- Forever 21

Belt- American Eagle Outfitters

Chelsea Boots- Hawkings McGill

Hope you had a dapper day!

Happy Wednesday!

Hello everyone! I have been gone for a few days, it has been busy and it will continue to be busy this weekend. I enjoy blogging and while I wish this could be my full-time job, I am also a graduate student and a teaching assistant.

My post today is dedicated to the wonderful pair of Chelsea boots I got in the mail today! If you have read previous posts, I have talked highly about these boots. If you have been hesitant about buying them, I shall be that little angel on your shoulder again saying, “buy them!”


Chelsea Boots- Hawkings McGill/Urban Outfitters, $79

These are great for fall and winter, pair them up with a nice pair of skinny jeans, and a flannel button up. I will post outfits later on in the month with these boots. Check out Urban Outfitters and ASOS for a pair of Chelsea boots!

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful day, stay edgy guys!

The Chelsea Boot

I discovered the Chelsea boot this past March. I’ll admit that the only reason I stumbled upon them, was cause of One Direction’s Harry Styles. He wears Saint Laurent signature Chelsea boots which retail at $975, now if you’re like me, that price is far from reasonable.

I would love to rock me some Saint Laurent boots, but at the moment I can’t afford them. However, there are different brands that offer more affordable Chelsea boots.


Roan Jay Chelsea Boots- $79

(photo by me)

These Chelsea boots are the first pair that I bought back in March, I was able to get these for a reasonable price. Stores like Urban Outfitters and ASOS offer a variety of Chelsea boots in suede and leather, and come in brown, black, tan, olive, and many other colors.

There can be no wrong done with wearing a Chelsea boot, you can wear them with some nice slim slacks or with a pair of denim. Another great thing is that with the vulcanized rubber on the sides, it’s easy for you to slip them on and off.

I recommend that every guy gets at least one good pair of Chelsea boots. They will maximize your shoe game and give your look some edge. If you’re a girl reading my blog, take my recommendation and buy you man a pair ASAP!

Check out Urban Outfitters and ASOS by clicking on the links provided, they have all the Chelsea boots you need.