My March Looks – Throwback Thursday

As winter ended and spring began, my looks for the month went from layers to tees. Here’s a look back at my March looks.

This pink tropical print bomber from Forever 21 gave me life! I’m still obsessed with it. Here’s to hoping that spring nights stay cool, so that I am able to wear it.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

If my memory serves me well, this picture was taken on the last cold day of March. At least I got to wear my cool “Kanye” sweater.

Black PacSun Camp Shirt

Talk about another piece that gave me life. This muertos printed relaxed short sleeve button up camp shirt from PacSun will be seeing lots of action in the coming months. The material is perfect for a hot day, and the print is just so rad!

PacSun shirt and New Balance Shoes

My final look for the month will be my uniform, torn jeans and cool tees!

As March comes to a close, I look forward to April and can’t wait share the looks I have in store.

Casual Weekends

PacSun shirt and New Balance Shoes

After several weekends of cold, rainy weather, this past Sunday the sun finally came out. It was great weather, and I was long overdue for a stroll at the park. I put on my Ray-Ban Wayfarer, and my boyfriend and I hit up the Woodlawn Lake Park for a walk and pics.

PacSun shirt and New Balance Shoes

I figured it was only fair that my outfit of the day match the casual feels of this sunny and breezy Sunday funday. I’ve never been a fan of horizontal stripes, but this Modern Amusement shirt spoke to me when I found it at PacSun, aka it was on sale. It has surprisingly become a favorite shirt of mine. It’s relaxed fit is perfect for warmer days, and the colored stripes are great for spring.

New Balance Shoes and Torn Jeans

I furthered my relaxed look with slim torn jeans from Forever 21. Now, I tend to stick to skinny jeans, but this pair of pants look pretty good rolled up and the torned loose fit is essential for the hot weather.

New Balance Shoes and Torn Jeans

I finished off my look with a comfortable pair of New Balance shoes in my favorite color. There’s no shame in dressing for comfort, and a pair of New Balance shoes makes that decision much easier. It doesn’t hurt that they’re perfect for a walk at the park!

PacSun Shirt

With spring officially here, I’m hoping that these sunny, breezy days are here to stay. What will you be wearing for spring?


Fashion on a Gloomy Day

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

Another weekend has come and so has the rain. It seems like the days I want to enjoy keep getting thwarted by gloomy weather. Oh well, I still managed to find time to head out and get the best out of my Saturday. I figured my outfit should fit the emo vibes I was getting from the weather.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

After hitting up the local flea market with the love of my life, we headed to one of my favorite parks for some shots before the rain made its returned. To match the gloomy vibes, I decided to stick to darker colors. I kind of looked at the weather as a blessing, cause once spring actually gets here, I will probably sweat buckets when wearing anything dark.

I’ve been obsessed with my distressed olive sweater from Forever 21, I refer to as my “Kanye” sweater. I haven’t been able to wear it much, so I’m glad I got a couple of photos wearing it. If you’re looking for that Yeezy-esque look, I suggest purchasing this sweater or something similar from Forever 21.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

I paired my olive sweater with my favorite pair of biker skinny jeans from Zara. As a big fan of Zara, I recommend purchasing a couple of jeans here and there from them. Trust me when I say you’ll be grateful. They may a little pricey ($80ish), but they’ll last and aren’t as expensive when comparing them to designer jeans.

Zara and Forever 21 winter fashion

To top of my look, I wore my black cap and signature white leather Converse. I figured the white shoes would help balance the darker tones. Also, I think they photographed better than if I had worn a darker shoe.

Next time you’re wondering what to wear on a gloomy day, just go with the vibe!



Tropical Print for Spring

Tropical Print Bomber Jacket for Spring

I’ve never been one to wear pink, but as my style has evolved I’ve learned to try new things. This past week, I stopped by my local mall. I was doing the usual window shopping until my eyes came across this pink tropical print bomber at Forever 21. Then I heard it, that little voice say, “treat yo’self!”

Tropical Print Bomber Jacket for Spring

I felt a struggle inside myself. I was running low on cash, but it was the only one in the entire men’s section. So I did what any young man would do, I gave myself an IOU. Trust me when I say, I have no regrets!

Tropical Print Bomber Jacket for Spring

This bomber jacket is going to be a stable piece in my spring wardrobe. I tried it on with several items and found a few ‘must’ to pair it with.

Tropical Print Bomber Jacket for Spring

White to beige will go good with this tropical number. That’s why I choose to pair it with a light beige tee from Pac Sun and my favorite white leather converse. To balance the white, I added some torn skinny jeans.

Tropical Print Bomber Jacket for Spring

When it comes to accessories, I recommend sticking to a watch. A tan leather strap would look good, but an Apple Watch doesn’t look bad either.

Once spring is in full swing, you can expect to see me wearing this pink tropical print bomber all the time. Of course, I’ll probably be wearing it with shorts. So if you’re interested in this jacket, I suggest visiting Forever 21 at the mall or online before it’s gone!

Cooler Days, Cooler Fashion

It’s been a month into fall and we are barely feeling lower temperatures. I don’t want to be that person, but you best believe I’m going to take out my Chelsea boots and a denim jacket! Living in South Texas, once the temperatures get into the 70s it’s acceptable to start wearing your cooler weather clothes.

With fall weather in session, I normally opt for darker tones like olive green, black, grey and navy blue. For this look, I wore a longer length olive green T-shirt from Forever 21, because I’ve recently became obsessed with longer length tees (thank you, Kanye!). I paired it with my favorite black jeans and my awesome brown suede boots from Hawkings McGill.












My American Eagle denim jacket was the icing on the cake! A denim jacket is perfect, because it’s not over the top for 70 degree weather like a wool topcoat. So if you’re looking to dress up for cooler days with cooler fashion try a look similar to mine! Switch out the boots for converse or wear a sports blazer instead of a denim jacket, it’s your call!

New Balance and Short-Sleeved Shirts Are Your Friends!

Summer Look

When the summer heat is blazing, casual wear becomes everybody’s best friend! This summer, Texas has been pretty hot with degrees in the triple digits. With this heat, it’s important to stay cool for the summer, and you can do that with a few summer fashion essentials.

H&M shirt

Short-sleeved shirt have become my best friend! I used to dislike them, because they reminded me of grandpa shirts. However, that opinion has changed! A thin short-sleeved shirt like this one from H&M will keep you feeling and looking cool. It’s a breathable fabric, so you don’t have to worry about sweating to the extreme. You can purchase a patterned or bright colored short-sleeved from H&M for only $12.99!


To compliment your casual shirt, pick a nice pair of joggers instead of shorts. If you pick the right pair, you won’t be dreading the heat. Find a pair that is made of a thin (but quality) fabric. I paired my shirt with a pair of acid washed joggers from Forever 21. They look like denim, but they are thinner, letting my legs breath. Take a look at Forever 21 for a variety of a affordable joggers.

NB Shoes

Now the last thing you need for a cool summer look is a nice pair of casual shoes. A great brand that meets both comfort and cool is New Balance. Their shoes have a supportive midsole that won’t have you regretting wearing them for the entire day. Your feet will thank you for choosing New Balance!

Once you’ve picked a short-sleeved, joggers and a comfortable shoe that’s right for you, you’ll be ready to take on the summer heat!

Let me know what you think of my look and if there are any summer essentials you think I should try.