Cool watch from Folsom & Co.

I recently received the awesome Jones watch from Folsom & Co. in the mail. I had been searching for a nice stainless steel watch in black that would compliment my mostly dark colored clothing for work. This watch hands down was exactly what I was looking for. The watch looks similar to some pricey watches you find at the mall, but is set at an affordable price! This watch is definitely made for both work attire and streetwear attire. I can’t wait to share some future streetwear looks with the watch. Check out Folsom & Co. for watches and accessories that will help elevate your style!✌🏻

Earthy Colors


Last weekend was full of adventure, with a trip with friends to Austin for the Trail of Lights and a night out on Sixth Street that almost led to being kicked out of a bar (bartender’s fault) there wasn’t a dull moment. While the short trip to and from Austin was great, a stroll in the park enjoying a cold, sunny Saturday was a needed highlight.


Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I do my best to enjoy it. Especially, since I live in south Texas where it’s hot 85 percent of the year. While I tend to stay with darker shades, the sunny day on Saturday called for earthy colors in my wardrobe.

When putting my outfit together, I knew that layers was the way to go. I started with a denim button up and added my mustard colored wool sweater over it, both from DKNY. Since my button up was a lighter denim, I went with a darker denim for my pants.


For footwear, I decided to wear my dark brown Urban Outfitters Chelsea boots, because nothing screams cold weather like a nice pair of boots. To help top off my look, I layered my dark green bomber jacket from Tarjay (Target) to help keep me warm. And keep me warm, the jacket did!

With winter only a few days away, will you still be rocking earthy tones or darker tones?

Saint Laurent Made Me Do It!

I’m a huge believer in fashion on a dime, but sometimes it’s great to invest into some designer pieces that will last you for a couple of years. I’ve always been admired the Saint Laurent look that former creative director Hedi Slimane brought to the fashion house, so I decided to invest into a pair of their Western Jodphur cropped boots.


Now their boots range from $895 to $1,295, but thankfully they were having a sale on a pair that I had to have! I was able to purchase these cropped boots in tan suede for $589. Even though that’s still a lot of money, it beats paying $1,000! I looked at it as an investment, with great care they can last met for a couple of years, plus the upper and sole are made of 100 percent leather!

Now in order to get that grunge, streetwear look that Saint Laurent is famous for, I paired my boots with some biker jeans from Zara and a red plaid shirt from Forever 21.


If you ever plan on investing in a designer piece, I suggest buying a good pair of shoes or a nice bag, because it will go great with your more affordable pieces! Be sure to look out for sales at Saint Laurent or a designer that you admire, you’ll be surprised at the great items they have on sale.

Let me know what you think about my new pair of boots! Or if you agree in investing in designer pieces!

Fall into Green


Shades of green can be found in many designer collections and fast fashion stores, and let me say it has become one of my favorite colors. This olive bomber jacket from Target is affordable and allows you to get in on the trend. It is an olive shade that adds color to an all black wardrobe without being too loud.


The best way to let your new green bomber jacket grab all the attention is to keep everything else at a minimum. Pair it with a black tee from Zara and some black torn jeans from H&M. Try adding a beanie for those cool nights out on the town.

What gets me excited about fall is that you can wear boots and not apologize for it. Spring and summer are hot, but fall is the perfect weather for boots. Pair the look with some Chelsea boots or rugged boots, just like I did.

If you’re looking for a new color and item to add to your wardrobe this fall, make it a bomber jacket in a shade of green!

Big Hats and Short Sleeves

IMG_0094edit IMG_0097edit


Photos by Tehua Cruz

Instagram and Twitter: @pprsushi

When it comes to stepping out, I always prefer to wear a button down shirt. The summer days have been scorching hot in San Antonio, so I’ve traded in my long sleeves for short sleeves.

I tend to gravitate towards printed button downs, because they add personality to any outfit. Trust me when I say, you’ll get more compliments when you opt for a shirt that begs to be noticed.

For this look, I paired my Topman cloud printed shirt with my barely worn Topman puritan hat. On a sunny day, a hat will keep the sun out of your face. Plus, it adds even more of a wow factor to your outfit. I mentioned in a previous post that a man offered to buy my hat from me. That didn’t happen to me this time, but remember that hats will attract compliments or money. It’s always a good thing when someone offers to buy an item from your outfit.

I finished off the look with some gray torn jeans from H&M, a necklace from Aldo, and my favorite pair of Converse.

I’ll be rocking big hats and short sleeves for the remainder of the summer. Will you be doing the same?

Stay classy, mi amigos!

All Good Things Come to An End

New York Fashion Week: Men’s debuted this past Monday and today marks the end of what is expected to be the next big event in American fashion next to New York Fashion Week.

Including today’s final 13 presentations, more than 40 American labels became a part of history by debuting their Spring/Summer 2016 collections at the first NYFWM.

Boyswear S/S 16 collection. Photo courtesy of Spencer Kohn.

Boyswear S/S 16 collection. Photo courtesy of Spencer Kohn.

On Monday, Jackson McKeehan’s Boyswear debuted it S/S 2016 collection, which consisted of graphics, prints, and pop of color. The psychedelic, boyish vibe made an impression on me, but the style might not be for every man.

Nautica S/S 2016 Presentation. Photo courtesy of Mary Altaffer

Nautica S/S 2016 Presentation. Photo courtesy of Mary Altaffer

On the casual side of the spectrum, Nautica debuted swim trunks and shawl collar cardigans for it’s collection.

“To be honest, the last place guys are wearing these shorts are in the water,” said Steve McSween, Nautica’s creative director.

Models pose in front of a police line up for presentation. Photo courtesy of The Observer Twitter account.

Models pose in front of a police line up for presentation. Photo courtesy of The Observer Twitter account.

A personal favorite of mine, Public School had it’s models pose like criminals in a line up. The presentation stayed true to the brand’s bad boy streetwear vibe.

The first NYFWM is coming to an end, but with huge support from the fashion industry, expect it to become a staple event just like NYFW.

Stay classy, mi amigos!

Casual Friday

IMG_6931 (1)

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to look nice. Casual can always look good, it’s all about putting the right pieces together.

A graphic tee never goes out of style, and recently when I look for graphics I try to purchase them from smaller merchants. The reason being is that more than likely I won’t bump into someone with the same shirt. The “Twiggy Smalls” (a combination of supermodel Twiggy and Biggie Smalls) shirt I’m wearing is from Clone NYC, an online retailer based out of New York City.

I paired it with my current favorite denim from H&M. Since high school I’ve loved ripped jeans. I think a couple of times I got in trouble for my jeans being torn from behind. What I like about this pair of jeans is that they bring torn and skinny together. They don’t feel tight and they have stretch to them.

After that I put on my favorite pair of converse, which have been an important part of my wardrobe since middle school. What I love about converse is that they can be torn or dirty, but they still look good.

To top off my casual look I added an American Eagle denim jacket and a necklace from Aldo. Accessories and outerwear will always take your casual look to the next level.

Hopefully my tips and look help you put together something similar. Be sure to check out the links I provided! Be sure to leave a comment below, and tell me what you think about my look.

Stay classy, mi amigo!

DKNY Goes To The Ball Game

From season to season DKNY has done a great job of combining street wear and formalwear. This Spring 2015, we see the DKNY men collection combine baseball button up shirts with suits and slacks. After looking at pictures of the collection’s London premiere last year, I knew that I had to buy one of the baseball shirts.





DKNY Baseball Shirt-$95


I own several pieces from DKNY, but this has to be my favorite piece. The one thing I like about this piece is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Pair it with your favorite denim and Chucks, like I did, or wear a nice pair of chinos and add a blazer over it.

This is a standout piece in the Spring collection, so I suggest visiting DKNY and buying one before they are gone.

Tell me what you think about the DKNY baseball shirt and the rest of the DKNY men SS15 collection in the comments below.

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Stay classy, mi amigos!


DKNY Spring/Summer 2015

DKNY_SP15_Campaign_006 DKNY_SP15_Campaign_007 DKNY_SP15_Campaign_011 DKNY_SP15_Campaign_010(All Photos Owned and Taken from

I have been waiting for the DKNY Spring/Summer 2015 collection to come out since the fall, and these ad campaigns for the collection have me even more excited. My love for DKNY started when I worked for the brand at one of their retail locations as a supervisor.

The mixture of baseball inspired button up shirts with slim slacks is a perfect combination. I have an eye on one of the black baseball button ups. The eyewear is very chic and tops off the look.

I will be keeping on eye out for the release of the collection. For now I’ll be rocking my Fall/Winter sweater from DKNY.

Until next time, stay classy!

Change Up Your Dress Shoe

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (3)

Grandspring Wing II Oxfords-Cole Haan

Today, I am featuring my newest pair of dress shoes, the Cole Haan Grandsprint Wing II. I love Cole Haan shoes, but have been hesitant to buy shoes from their Grandsprint, Lunargrand, or Zerogrand collections. However, upon buying these I am now wanting a pair of Lunargrands and Zerogrands.

So what makes shoes from these three lines different? They are a hybrid of dress shoe and comfort. They usually contain a leather, suede, or nylon upper and a rubber sole.

This technology of sorts originated when Nike owned the brand. It integrated their Nike lunarlon and air technology into their dress shoes to add comfort. In 2012, Nike sold its stake in the brand, but Cole Haan has continued the innovation of the dress shoe.

These hybrid shoes have really caught on with the fashionable men of the world. You can find pictures of these shoes all over Instagram and Twitter. I always thought they looked cool, but never thought I could pull them off. I visited one of their stores and put on my first pair and the rest is history.

I do recommend that every man goes out and buy at least one pair of these shoes. They are the best of both worlds, style and comfort. Now their shoes are on the pricey side, they retail anywhere between $198 to $268. However, be on the lookout because they usually have sales on their website 25% to 40% off, or visit an outlet store like I did. I got my pair for about $83, which saved me about $115.

Well that’s all for me today my friends, I hope my information on these shoes was useful. Please feel free to comment below or follow me on Instagram at @guylovesfashion or on Twitter at @randerzzz.

Until next time, stay classy!